Youth/NB Rec. Commission Rich Potter
DPW/Water/Water System Upgrades James Crawford
FD David Smith
EMS Peter Lennon
Bldg/Grounds Maryellen Canuel

Grants Maryellen Canuel
CD Loan Inspections Richard Potter
Audit of Clerk Treas. Records Dave Smith, backup Maryellen Canuel
Audit of Fire Dept. Records James Crawford

Attorney for the Village David Merzig

Planning Committee
Chris Capatelli
Danielle Crozier
Nancy Church
Charlie Ackerman
Holly Carpenter

CD Loan Committee
Anthony Canuel
Julie Baltich
Maria Wilcox
Colleen Ackerman
Michael Dufresne

Community Events Committee (2 open seats)
Sarah Wright
Patrick Wright
Megan Brennan
Kelly Banks
Jamie Barnes (non voting member)

Community Center
Elaine Lennon
Carolyn Chryst

Color Committee
Lori Wilson
Maryellen Canuel

Maintenance of Zohl Heart Monitors – EMS Department
Health Officer Chenango County Health Dept.
Official Depositories Holdover period enacted – NBT during holdover period
Official Newspaper – New Berlin Gazette or Evening Sun
Official Meeting- Second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM

Fire Department Officers
Fire Chief Donnie Anderson
1st Asst. Chief Jared Hanslmaier
2nd Asst. Chief Shawn Patrick
1st Fire Captain Shawn Loomis
2nd Fire Captain Brett Hanslmaier
3rd Fire Captain Vacant
Rehab/Support Capt. Larissa Hanslmaier
Rehab/Support Lieut Audra Prentice
Fire Police Capt. Debbie Meyers
Fire Police Liet. N/A
President Larissa Hanslmaier
Vice President Richard Anderson
Secretary Debbie Meyers
Treasurer Audra Prentice


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